The elaboration of our Anchovies in Oil Sea Delight “Manuel Claros” consists of a crafty and meticulous hand work. Our Anchovies in Oil are a hugh quality product suitable for the most demanding palates.

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Our Marinated Anchovies Sea Delight “ Manuel Claros” follow a traditional manufacture process, consisting of a cold marinade within vinegar, making a perfect blend for our unique, well-balanced and exquisite product.

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Our Banderillas (Skewered Pickled Foods) Sea Delight “Manuel Claros” are made out of marinated anchovies and red paprika stuffed olives. A high cuisine bite at a glance, representing our gastronomic culture

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Seasoned Sardines Sea Delight “Manuel Claros” represent a great and unique gastronomic adventure full of a powerful and characteristic flavour. Sardines are a delicacy to be enjoyed as an appetizer or any meal.

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Sea Delight "Manuel Claros"Sailor Tradition

"Sea Delight" through its brand “Manuel Claros” selects the very best raw materials for its products.

We are high quality craft manufacturers: Anchovie Fillets in Olive Oil, fresh Marinated Anchovies in Vinegar, Anchovies and Marinated Anchovies with Olives and Skewed Pickled Foods among so many other products in our gourmet line.

High quality products, customer service and traditional craft manufacture are our key characteristics to Sea Delight, diferenciating us as a solid company who offers an incomparable product in flavour and quality, as well as an impecable presentation.

Enjoy our products!


Cherry gazpacho with marinated anchovies in vinegar Gazpacho stands out as one of the most refreshing and healthy drinks within spanish recipes. It allows multiple ingredients and combinations in moderation to avoid loosing gazpacho essence.

Easy level (Up to 4 people)

Spaguettis with anchovies in tomato and black olives sauce, giving a characteristic mediterranean touch.

Easy level (Up to 4 people)

Anchovies and Marinated Anchovies Toast Anchovies on toasted bread assorted with boilt or roasted potatoes constitute one of the most delicious appetizers to share.

Easy level (Up to 4 people)
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