Sea Delight "Manuel Claros" Sailor tradition

"Sea Delight" is committed to sustainable fishing techniques that protect marine ecosystem. Please have a look at our video about seine fishing.

Seine fishing is a fishing technique consisting in encircling the fish (sardine, anchovy and mackerel mainly), placing the shoal, determining their course and speed and then proceeding to encircle them by dropping the net and then narrowing the circle helped by the panga (small boat with a big engine). The net back is then closed, capturing the fish.

The practice of this fishing technique does not take place in the same area, as the fisherman follow the fish stock along their movements. That is, unlike other fishing techniques that rely on finding a concrete type of fish or fishing area fund, seine fisher boats usually look for the fish with detection equipments.

Depending of the desired kind of fish, captures take place at different depths: fish such as anchovy, sardine and mackerel are found while looking for food in a few meters depth.